Manifestation with John

Hi there.
Do you have a problem you have failed to solve?

Do you have a desire you have failed to manifest?

Do you want love? A soulmate? A job? A business? A healing?

Perhaps it’s time to admit that there might be something you might not know, the knowing of which would change everything.

You are not finding a solution because we can only see the contents of our own consciousness.

You need someone who does not feel the the hunger you feel right now, someone with a fresh perspective and a clear mind. Someone willing to listen:

A Conscious Creator.

Every single desire can be manifested into physical reality. I don’t care what it is.
You simply need to remember that all realities already exist and you have the power to select the one you want.

I AM a full time Conscious Creator and author with over 6 years experience in deliberately manifesting for myself and others.

Not only will I answer any questions you might have on spirituality, I will also show you how to focus your own Divine Power to achieve your goal as well as co-create the final outcome with you (using my very refined inner senses, obtained from years of meditation).

And you WILL get it!

The principle is simple: As you sow, so shall you reap.

If you feelingly sow an imaginal act which implies you have achieved your goal, and persist in your assumption,
you will reap the exact physical manifestation the imaginal act implied.

It is LAW. All things must bring forth after their own kind…including our imaginal acts.

So it is time to wake up to the Divine Beings we really are and deliberately focus our power to achieve our earthly desires.

We can do this!

This is what I do for hundreds of people all over the world. I’ve created everything from specific sex pregnancies to specific partner marriages as well as super successful businesses and healings from all kinds of ailments.

These are not miracles. They are simply realities within us…realities EVERYONE can call forth!

Each co-creation session is via WhatsApp, skype, google hangouts or facebook (or inbox..depending on whether you choose anonymity)

What do the sessions entail?

  1. We analyze the problem.
  2. We agree on a solution.
  3. We meditate together to implement that solution, knowing that God is within all of us and grants our every wish if we believe that it’s done.

Please note that all booking has been discontinued. If you’d like to connect with me for a paid session (s), send me email at
click below to choose how much time you’d like to purchase:

I wish you the best on your spiritual journey and hope to talk to you soon.

Love and blessings,